Serving patients of Dermatology Associates as well as physicians in the community at large, MOHS Surgery of Morris is directed by Dr. Subhadra Shah and supported by her staff of nurses, patient liaisons and laboratory technicians. All procedures are performed in a modern surgical facility that has been specifically designed for this very specialized type of procedure and is physically independent from the Dermatology Associates suite of offices located a floor above.

MOHS Micrographic Surgery

MOHS Micrographic Surgery is a precise tissue-sparing technique for the removal of skin cancers that was developed in the 1960's by Dr. Frederick Mohs at the University of Wisconsin. Performed under local anesthesia, it offers the highest potential cure rate ( 99%), as well as superior cosmetic results, as the least amount of tissue is removed. A unique characteristic of this procedure is that the physician, because of the specialized type of training that is required to master it, serves as surgeon, pathologist and reconstructive surgeon. Read More »

Dr. Subhadra Shah

Subhadra Shah, M.D. received her medical degree after graduating from the 6 year accelerated premedical - medical program of Pennsylvania State University and Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. She completed a residency in dermatology at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, followed by a fellowship in MOHS Micrographic Surgery at Harvard Medical School's Lahey Clinic affiliate in Boston.Read More »